Space shouldn’t stop you from expanding your research.

Bonneville Labs offers a dynamic shared lab space and community for your team members.

Flexible lab space for team expansion.

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Welcome to Bonneville Labs.

Welcome to Bonneville Labs.

Bonneville Labs is a flexible coworking lab space optimized for biotechnology companies looking for an industry leading laboratory space for their team members.

Whether your HQ is in the Bay Area or you have remote employees, Bonneville Labs is here to make sure your team has a space they can work in comfortably.

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What you get with Bonneville

Flexible Lab Space

Flexible workspaces from single benches to lab suites to dedicated rooms for growing teams and companies. Perfect to ensure your team is working in a space they feel accustomed to.

Lab Equipment

A large variety of state-of-the-art lab equipment for storage, incubation, PCR detection and so much more. Best part: state-of-the-art equipment is maintained by professionals so you don’t need to.

Traditional Office Infrastructure

We offer a comfortable and modern office experience. Members can expect high-speed Wi-Fi, high-class printers, paper shredding, mail and package handling, and unlimited coffee, tea, and filtered water.

What our members are saying

Ryan Pawell|
Founder & CEO of IndeeLabs

“As a small team, it is a lot more fun to be in a vibrant co-working space with like-minded people. Bonneville Labs provided flexible space for us to move into including private or shared lab and office space. The Bonneville Labs staff further provided us with access to fair pricing and value-add services to support our desire to work quickly and efficiently. After moving into Bonneville Labs, we were able to hire the additional staff members needed to run mission-critical experiments without the risk of contamination or contaminated data. Bonneville Labs has been a great solution helping to keep our team focused on what matters while giving us the option for space needed for growth.”

Sarah Placella|
CEO of Root Applied Sciences

“Bonneville Labs provides peace of mind. The space is well maintained, and the staff ensures that all groups are compliant, which helps us with requirements and inspections. Plus, we love being part of the larger Bonneville Labs community - it’s a vibrant and friendly place.”

Beth Zotter|
President at Trophic

“We had just won a research grant, but had nowhere to go until we found Bonneville Labs. They allowed us to move at the speed of a startup, but with the resources and support system of a sophisticated research facility. BV Labs is truly a turnkey solution for us.”

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